Sunday, August 24, 2008

End of the Beijing Olympic

I’m watching the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympic on TV just now. This Olympic had so many troubles before the beginning of Olympic, which are Tibet problem, boycott of opening ceremony and so on. We thought and discuss these problems in Heather’s class. Then, I said Olympic should not be disturbed by political problem because it’s a purely sports festival and athletes’ aim. I was worrying about this Olympic, but it succeeded without any trouble. And I’m very happy to hear that 38 world records were established. The moment I think the most impressive was a recognition of volunteers. I heard a story of volunteers. A beach volleyball player lost his wedding ring in his game. After that, many volunteers looked for his ring by using metal detector. Lastly, they found it from sand!! I was really moved to hear that story. The player won gold medal! It’s an amazing story, isn’t it??
I think this Olympic went well thanks to many many volunteers, which are 17million people. I want to say thank you to them and all of athletes. It was very nice Olympic!


Ayumi said...

I think so too, Kyoko.
The Beijing Olympics was wonderful!And the story of volunteers was moving story!

Kira said...

You are absolutely right! I know that a lot of volunteers went there from other countries. They even have to buy the plane tickets by themselves!!! Very respectable!

Nina Liakos said...

An event like the Olympic Games is really difficult and expensive to do. I was sad about the repression surrounding the games but glad that everything went off so smoothly.