Thursday, January 8, 2009

Merry X’mas and Happy New Year and Happy Birthday

Is it too late saying “Merry X’mas”? Did you have a nice day? In Japan, many people go out on X’mas eve and X’mas. I went to “CIRUQE DU SOLEIL Theater” which is located in Maihama. Do you know CIRUQE DU SOLEIL? It’s a kind of circus. It was so cool, exiting, and fantastic!! And dinner at Bay Hilton Hotel was so delicious. I had a good time.
AGU mambers gathered on Dec.19th for our X'mas party. Everyone there looked very fine and I yearnd for 2 weeks in America.

& Happy New Year!! I went to Makuhari to attend countdown live on Dec.31st. The live’s performer was GLAY. GLAY is a famous rock band in Japan. I’m a fan of them! This year I want to become more wonderful lady and a person who are not late.

& Happy Birthday to Me!! I have become 19 years old on Jan.6th. I’m waiting birthday present from you!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two News

Hi, everyone!
Sorry for late posting. I have been so busy days because I started a part time job from the beginning of October. …And I quit it 2 weeks ago! It was a kind of waitress at the restaurant. But that was Japanese traditional restaurant so I have to wear Japanese cloth, Kimono. Most of young women in Japan don’t know how to take it. So I learned it over 3 hours at my first day of working. It took me 30 minutes for me. It seemed to take more than 20minutes for everyone there. And the manuals and rules were very very very strict!!! I had to care about how to speak, how to bow, how to serve, how to walk, and so on. They were surely good experiences, but I never want to do again.
Yesterday, lighting ceremony of Christmas tree was held in our campus. As you know, AGU is Christian university. I attended it with my friend. The contents were performance of hand-bell, singing, and message from Bible. Everyone there had candles which were distributed at the beginning of the ceremony. At the climax of ceremony we lighted a fire from person to person. There were so many people. It was so fantastic.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Second Summer Vacation

Hi all! Sorry for late posting. I actually came back from Italy on Sep.24. And I’m sending busy days now. (I think most of AGUers so.) Today, I uploaded many photos which I took in Italy.
Italy was very nice!! There are so many historical buildings which are very gorgeous. I have never seen such beautiful and large and impressive buildings. We had only about a week in Italy. It was too short to enjoy whole Italy!!
I visited Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Napoli and Pompeii. And I appreciate many famous arts there. For example, the Last Supper painted by Leonard da Vinci, the Last Judgment painted by Michelangelo and so on… They are bigger than I expected. I was so moved.
One of my dreams came true, which is riding a gondola in Venice. Cruise for 30 minutes was short for me. I wanted to enjoy it more.Venice was fulled of masks, which are good souvenirfor me. And my best city is Florence. I took a walk along the river for about 30minutes in the early morning. Florence is very beautiful and buildings are so cute!!
Lastly I think Italian foods are delicious!! Everything which I ate in Italy was very good. I had very nice days in Italy!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My plan

Do you enjoy your summer vacation?
I’ll tell you about my plan. I’ll go to Italy at the end of my summer vacation. I’m very excited!! (But I think the best memory of this summer is experience in America.) I’ll go there with my mother and my older sister. My father will be in America for his work. So he can’t go. We’ll visit many places, which are Milan, Florence, Venice, Roma and the Vatican City. The place I’m looking forward to going to is Venice. Because I heard that Venice is very beautiful city and is called the city of water. I plan to ride the gondola. And I like Italian foods. So I want to eat many Italian foods in Italy.
I’ll upload many photos of Italy after coming back to Japan!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I and my friends went to the sea yesterday! It took me about 1.5hours to go Enoshima beach. It’s the nearest beach from downtown. I went to the sea for the first time in two years. Last year, I was very busy studying for the entrance examination. We were worrying about the weather until that day, because the rain continued for over a week. But, it was nice weather yesterday. We enjoyed playing in the sea. The sea was a little cold and salty! (Of course, I knew…) We were spoken by some boys and they asked us to ride JET SKI with them. So we could ride JET SKI for the first time. It was very fast and exciting!! (More than 40km/h) And I drove JET SKI!!! Actually, I can’t drive because I don’t have license to drive it. But I secretly did;-) We had very great time! I was sunburned…it’s also a good memory of sea.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I uploaded many pictures which I took in America. Check it now!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

End of the Beijing Olympic

I’m watching the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympic on TV just now. This Olympic had so many troubles before the beginning of Olympic, which are Tibet problem, boycott of opening ceremony and so on. We thought and discuss these problems in Heather’s class. Then, I said Olympic should not be disturbed by political problem because it’s a purely sports festival and athletes’ aim. I was worrying about this Olympic, but it succeeded without any trouble. And I’m very happy to hear that 38 world records were established. The moment I think the most impressive was a recognition of volunteers. I heard a story of volunteers. A beach volleyball player lost his wedding ring in his game. After that, many volunteers looked for his ring by using metal detector. Lastly, they found it from sand!! I was really moved to hear that story. The player won gold medal! It’s an amazing story, isn’t it??
I think this Olympic went well thanks to many many volunteers, which are 17million people. I want to say thank you to them and all of athletes. It was very nice Olympic!