Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My plan

Do you enjoy your summer vacation?
I’ll tell you about my plan. I’ll go to Italy at the end of my summer vacation. I’m very excited!! (But I think the best memory of this summer is experience in America.) I’ll go there with my mother and my older sister. My father will be in America for his work. So he can’t go. We’ll visit many places, which are Milan, Florence, Venice, Roma and the Vatican City. The place I’m looking forward to going to is Venice. Because I heard that Venice is very beautiful city and is called the city of water. I plan to ride the gondola. And I like Italian foods. So I want to eat many Italian foods in Italy.
I’ll upload many photos of Italy after coming back to Japan!!


Nikki said...

Hello Pretty Lady!
You are going to have so much fun in Italy! I spent a month traveling in Italy when I was 19. My favorite city is Florence. My favorite thing is gellato, so please enjoy as much of it as you can. Everything is Italy is very beautiful. All the buildings and artwork are very, very old and historic. I cannot wait to hear about your trip!!!!!!!!

Ayumi said...

Hi, Kyoko
I envy you! I want to go to Italy someday!! I'm looking forward to see pictures of your trip!
I hope your trip is fun:-)

Nina Liakos said...

Bon voyage! Have a wonderful trip! I look forward to reading all about it.

tomoko said...

Hi! You'll have wonderful days in Italy. When I was 17, I travel there. What most impressed me was Venice. Italy is very beautiful and my favorite country. Have a good time! And when you come back to Japan, tell me about your trip!

tomoko said...

Hi! You'll have wonderful days in Italy! I traveled there two years ago. My best city is venice. I think the buildings and ocean and sunset are most in harmony! Have a good time! And when you come back to Japan, tell me your story!