Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Second Summer Vacation

Hi all! Sorry for late posting. I actually came back from Italy on Sep.24. And I’m sending busy days now. (I think most of AGUers so.) Today, I uploaded many photos which I took in Italy.
Italy was very nice!! There are so many historical buildings which are very gorgeous. I have never seen such beautiful and large and impressive buildings. We had only about a week in Italy. It was too short to enjoy whole Italy!!
I visited Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Napoli and Pompeii. And I appreciate many famous arts there. For example, the Last Supper painted by Leonard da Vinci, the Last Judgment painted by Michelangelo and so on… They are bigger than I expected. I was so moved.
One of my dreams came true, which is riding a gondola in Venice. Cruise for 30 minutes was short for me. I wanted to enjoy it more.Venice was fulled of masks, which are good souvenirfor me. And my best city is Florence. I took a walk along the river for about 30minutes in the early morning. Florence is very beautiful and buildings are so cute!!
Lastly I think Italian foods are delicious!! Everything which I ate in Italy was very good. I had very nice days in Italy!

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askin said...

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Nikki said...


Florence is also my favorite city in Italy. It is so beautiful. Did you go the the top of the Duomo? That was my favorite part of my month long trip through Italy.

Sanae said...

Thank you for posting many nice picture! You spent really special time. I have never been to Italy so I want to go there during university days:)