Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two News

Hi, everyone!
Sorry for late posting. I have been so busy days because I started a part time job from the beginning of October. …And I quit it 2 weeks ago! It was a kind of waitress at the restaurant. But that was Japanese traditional restaurant so I have to wear Japanese cloth, Kimono. Most of young women in Japan don’t know how to take it. So I learned it over 3 hours at my first day of working. It took me 30 minutes for me. It seemed to take more than 20minutes for everyone there. And the manuals and rules were very very very strict!!! I had to care about how to speak, how to bow, how to serve, how to walk, and so on. They were surely good experiences, but I never want to do again.
Yesterday, lighting ceremony of Christmas tree was held in our campus. As you know, AGU is Christian university. I attended it with my friend. The contents were performance of hand-bell, singing, and message from Bible. Everyone there had candles which were distributed at the beginning of the ceremony. At the climax of ceremony we lighted a fire from person to person. There were so many people. It was so fantastic.

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Nina Liakos said...

Hi, Kyoko! I have been neglecting my Google Reader, so I found your post only today (sorry). The waitressing job where you had to wear a kimono was indeed an interesting experience. It must have been strange for a modern young woman such as yourself to have to learn to wear a traditional kimono. I have also heard that it is very difficult to put it on correctly. Do you have any photos of yourself wearing the kimono?