Thursday, January 8, 2009

Merry X’mas and Happy New Year and Happy Birthday

Is it too late saying “Merry X’mas”? Did you have a nice day? In Japan, many people go out on X’mas eve and X’mas. I went to “CIRUQE DU SOLEIL Theater” which is located in Maihama. Do you know CIRUQE DU SOLEIL? It’s a kind of circus. It was so cool, exiting, and fantastic!! And dinner at Bay Hilton Hotel was so delicious. I had a good time.
AGU mambers gathered on Dec.19th for our X'mas party. Everyone there looked very fine and I yearnd for 2 weeks in America.

& Happy New Year!! I went to Makuhari to attend countdown live on Dec.31st. The live’s performer was GLAY. GLAY is a famous rock band in Japan. I’m a fan of them! This year I want to become more wonderful lady and a person who are not late.

& Happy Birthday to Me!! I have become 19 years old on Jan.6th. I’m waiting birthday present from you!!


C.B.G. said...

It's never to late to say "happy christmas", couse you remind me that special time ;)

Nikki said...

Hey, girl,

Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you've had a great month. Sorry it took me so long so read your blog, I've been really busy. I'll be sure to post soon about everything I've been up to.

Miss you!!!!

Joseph said...

You're waiting for your bday present? I'm waiting for my postcard to even see what your address is....